Tuesday, November 8, 2011


This week we discuss our favorite EROTIC THRILLERS.  We review the new movie TOWER HEIST. In the news Elijah Wood to star in remake of MANIAC, a big screen version of the TV show KUNG-FU, and the new James Bond film's title is announced.  Also the movie game.  

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  1. I found your discussion of Tower Heist hilarious. The image that I now have in my head is probably funnier than what I would have seen on the screen had I actually gone to the film.

    In regards to your main topic today, while I agree Cruising is a good film, I would say that Damage is the best of the bunch you mentioned. You just cannot beat that look on Binoche’s face when Martin walks in just before the staircase scene.

    Fatal Attraction, Bound, Crash, and Unfaithful would probably round out my top 5. Cruising and Basic Instincts would be in the top 10

    Lastly, Elijah Wood played creepy pretty well in Sin City...just saying.