Friday, July 15, 2011

The Blog is open for business.


To kick off the second half of our first year I have started this blog.  Hopefully this will be a way for the cast and listeners to stay in touch.  We love to hear your comments and suggestions.  

Also, each episode will be posted here so comments for those episodes can be left here as well.  So if you've been leaving comments on the podomatic site I want you to leave 'em here instead.

I'll also try to post regular updates about what's coming up on the show.  Like what movies we plan to watch, what the upcoming topics will be, and some cool changes we plan to make to the show.

Anyway, I hope this works out.




  1. What does one say here? Welcome to the net? Congrats? Mazel Tov? Anyhow, like I said before -- think of million things to say when listening to you in the car. Mind blank now, kind of like when you're actually in the video store looking for something to rent. Will post something intelligent soon.


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  3. Shane,

    You're the first listener to post to the blog. You should get a prize.

    We still have to get you on the show. Maybe next week since Al is going to be out again.

  4. Is this thing working?