Tuesday, November 15, 2011


This week instead of a specific topic we decided to go with an open mic format.  Basically we discuss whatever is on our minds in relation to film and current events.  We hit on some very surprising topics.  Check it out.  


  1. Like the free flowing aspect of this episode. A few random thoughts:

    Walking Dead, complete agree Al about the silliness of getting the zombie of the well. Especially since they made it clear that there are other serviceable wells on the land.

    I am starting to get a little tired of all these networks going back to the “olden” days for stories. Hell on Wheel has some interesting points but I am starting to get tired of all these shows being set in eras where minorities and women are considered the lower class. In the last few years we have gotten Mad Men, Pan Am, Hell on Wheels, Spartacus, The Playboy Club, Boardwalk Empire etc. While some of these shows are actually enjoyable from a story standpoint, I find the trend a little disturbing. Feels like studios are subtly trying to reinforcing old stereotypes to a new audiences.

    I have not seen Immortals yet but I was wondering if you guys have seen The Fall? The film was made by the same director and it is another visually stunning films. The story is not as strong as the visuals but still worth seeing.

    Glen’s “he was easy” line slightly beats “he died from lead poising” as the line of the episode. I broke out laughing at work when I heard that.

    Lastly, a question for Al, what is the plot about for the Samantha Morton low budget film you are working on?

  2. Are you kidding? You think Glen's line was better? His wife laughed more at my line.

    Anyway thanks for your comments. I was afraid a non-topic show would flop but apparently not.

    We're definitely going to get you on the show one day soon.