Wednesday, February 1, 2012


This week we discuss the new movies THE ARTIST, THE GREY, and MAN ON A LEDGE. We also discuss the movies we'd take with us on a desert island.  In the news Demi Moore leaves, Lovelace, James Franco plays Hef, and The Hangover stars demand 15 million each.

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  1. I second Felicia’s suggestion about seeing it on the big screen. There is something about seeing the film with an audience that makes the experience so much better. I was fortunate enough to see the film at the Toronto International Film Festival, and it play extremely well to the audience. The top my list of favourite films of 2011 (Midnight in Paris was in the top three as well).

    As for your Oscar discussion, just a few quick thoughts:

    - The script for Margin Call is fantastic but I think either Midnight in Paris or A Separation (have not seen it but everyone I know who did loves it) will win.
    - I do not think Streep will win. I think the battle will be between Viola Davis and Michelle Williams
    - Like you I had no desire to see The Help because I was tired of seeing black stories through white eyes. I must say that I was surprised that I ended up enjoying the film. It is really about the maids and not so much about the writer (Emma Stone). Not the best film of the year, but better than expected.
    - Of the best picture nominees I still need to see Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, The Descendants, and War Horse (will probably see this weekend).

    Lastly, Problem Child 2! Really??? The first one I can vaguely understand but I thought number 2 was awful. I guess we all have our list of guilty pleasures.