Tuesday, August 16, 2011

my juice fast

i thought i would just kill some time and space and talk about my juice fast. anyway recently I had two driving jobs that took me across the country twice.
10 days on the road. over 6500 miles traveled. anyway i had very little exercise and though i tried to eat good i couldnt. especially when on the east coast with white castles and pizza. anyway i went up in weight to 217. i usually hang between 205 and 210. so upon my return i started to juice. i am at day 21 now. only fresh juice and nuts. my juice consists of : apples,pears,celery,ginger,cucumber,spinach, broccolli,carrots,cilantro,red shard,mustard greens,kale & parsley. sometimes i dont use all at one time. My weight now is 201. and i am going for 30 days. by the way i also jog on the beach. usually with 40 pounds in my weight vest.
I also climb the stairs at the Baldwin Hills overlook with that weight vest. now for a movie tie in. i got the idea to do the juice fast after seeing the documentary; FAT,SICK & NEARLY DEAD. It is on NETFLIX

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